Wilde Weelde Wereld Garden

There will always be space for new and special initiatives. Sometimes the gardens are there for a year, other times they will be available to view for a longer period. De Wilde Weelde Wereld op Appeltern’ is such an initiative, achieved by the Dutch Study Group Natural Environment. Some important terms that are now used widely are: sustainability, natural and biologic. Ben is keen to develop gardens which embrace these healthy systems and they remain a real ‘eye opener’ to guests visiting. You can discover which plants grown in different biospheres. We show you how the ideas behind the Wilde Weelde can be applied in your own garden and also put to use in green spaces for, for example, the elderly, the disabled and children. The garden is sustainable and uses unexpected materials.

Wilde Weelde Wereld - De Tuinen van Appeltern

The design are constructed by a number of larger companies within Wilde Weelde.

The Wilde Weelde Wereld garden are developed and completed in 2014 in collaboration with the Wilde Weelde professionals. It is a garden of almost 5000 m² with a viewing point on a hill.

Wilde Weelde Wereld - De Tuinen van Appeltern

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