The Living Garden

The opening of the Living Garden makes us very proud and happy. The Living Garden brings all aspects of sustainable and living gardens together in a transparent fashion. The garden is made up of five themed circles. Each circle has its own theme: ‘good for small animals’, ‘a second life’ (i.e. re-use of materials and plants), ‘taste and smell’, ‘a longer life’ (sustainability) and 'better for all of us’ (sustainability).
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Appeltern Gardenexpert desk

There is a lot to do at the Appeltern Gardenexpert desk this year. This gardeners will be staffing the gardeners’ desk during the weekends. You can go to them with all your questions about your garden or design. They will also tell you everything about garden pleasure. Themes such as enjoying your terrace, pond, lawn or pruning will be highlighted in spring and autumn. The Appeltern Gardenexpert desk stays at our restaurant ‘the Wintertuin´.You will also find a library here, where you can read all about the cooperation between our gardeners and architects, as well as having a look at the various materials and construction items.


The National Fixed Plants Garden

Our National Fixed Plant Garden has made unbelievable progress. We are continuously amazed by how the fixed plants have expanded so quickly. The National Fixed Plant Garden was laid out in June 2012 and its borders are every year producing the desired ‘wow’ effect. It will really become a colourful feast for the eyes in the summer!

You can download the maps of each border so that you can easily lay out a fixed plant border at home too.

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Architects’ gardens

A number of gardens in our park were designed by well-known and less renowned garden architects and garden designers. These architects are the ‘special guest designers’ of The Gardens of Appeltern.

Lounge gardens

Activities such as cooking and relaxing are increasingly done outdoors, and wellness is becoming more and more important too. An increasing number of garden owners have a sauna of their own with an outdoor shower, jacuzzi tub or swimming pool. Physical activity can be alternated with pleasant relaxation on the lounge couch, with a snack from the outdoor kitchen. We have responded to this trend and laid out three XXL gardens. These gardens, also known as the lounge gardens, meet all contemporary requirements.
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Plant market

The plant market at the garden of Appeltern stocks a range of plant species of various sizes and colours throughout the season. Look around at our colourful and scented plant market. It is open from April to October. You go past it as you enter or leave the park.

Natural Decoration

Our garden decorations are always made from natural materials. The decorators use as many materials as possible from our own gardens. Several times a year we organise extra themed exhibitions. The pieces of work are a source of inspiration for both amateurs and professionals.

Events in Appeltern

During the garden season, we regularly organise events and theme weekends. Different workshops, courses and events like ‘The Acoustic Nights’ and ‘Mystery Gardens in Lights’ are recurring annual events. For a full overview and details of the programme, please refer to our calendar.

Restaurants and outdoor cafés

Our park offers several locations where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a delicious lunch. The apple pie of Appeltern has meanwhile gained a world-wide reputation. On less busy days some restaurants and outlets are closed. We also offer a number of packages. For example, you can make a reservation for breakfast, afternoon tea or a nice picnic hamper. Look at group deals for packages and options.


Enjoyment and children

If you come with children you can rest assured that they won’t be bored. They can take a raft or the bridge to the nature play area and discover a place where they can run around, scramble and climb. They can also participate in treasure hunts. There are a number of tree huts, a hedge maze and a gnome house all waiting to be discovered. The kick & golf sporting activity is another nice option!

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