Discovery Island

Green park section
In all five sections of the park you will find our model gardens and plant enclosures. But there are also differences between the respective areas.
The green parking section is somewhat of an exception to the rule, there are nodemarcated gardens.

Ontdekkingseiland - De Tuinen van Appeltern

Discovery Island
We have called the green park section 'Discovery Island' because it is fascinating for young and old. Children discover nature in the game. And older people do that while walking. You must have seen the apiary quite simply, as well as the bamboo forest and the land of butterflies.

Natuurlijk spelen - De Tuinen van Appeltern

Bamboo forest
Years ago, we suddenly left a lot of big bamboos in pots. We just got access to the Explorer Island andthought the bamboos would fit in there well. Due to their fast rooting and suicient space, the bamboo plants have grown into an exciting forest with hidden paths.

Speelhuisjes - De Tuinen van Appeltern

Play Valley
It is quite possible that you have to make an e_ort in the wilderness of the discovery island to find the game valley. But once there, you can play in the mud, climb on the grassy slopes and balance on narrow tree trunk bridges. In the right season, the butterflies will play along too!

Speelhuisjes - De Tuinen van Appeltern

Bees are useful creatures! They ensure that the flowers are fertilized, from which our food grows later. In short, we would not have anything to eat without bees. In our apiary we show how bees live and do their work. The apiary also o_ers good protection when it rains while playing and discovering.

Wilgentunnels - De Tuinen van Appeltern

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