Garden activities 2020

The gardens of Appeltern are open every day from 1 March till 30 November from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs, including Sundays and National holidays. In March, October and November the park is open until 17:00 hrs.


Theme: A brand new garden season begins
We are open again. Early birds can visit us for inspiration and advice and will experience the awakening of our park. We renovated the gardens precisely. Each path has been scoured, every border has been delved and raked. Dozens of new ideas will be fitted in. You will definitely still see some gardeners working on their new garden partitions or luxurious outside buildings. The Dutch program ‘De Grote Tuinverbouwing’ (translated as ‘The Big Garden Renovation’) will come to Appeltern this year. They will create a new garden and the process will be filmed from A to Z. Spring is coming, so the first bulbs and plants are going to start growing. Our grass is already fairly green and we will explain to you how we do this. A new season has begun… Appeltern is definitely appropriate for starters who are looking for ideas and for the advanced who are looking for some suggestions and comfort. We host several courses and workshops. Every weekend, gardeners give advice and everyone can visit the ‘Tuinadviesdagen’ (translated as Garden Advice Days) to get some free advice.

March 1 Opening of The Garden of Appeltern
March 7 Course: Design your own garden
March 14 and 15 Garden advice days – free sketch advice and demonstrations
March 21 Pound course: Crystal clear pond with less work
March 28 Workshop: Pruning


Theme: Spring really started
It is time to start planting and sowing… but it is also time to discover how much gorgeous Mother Nature has to offer us. The gardens are expending; our first bulbs and plants are blooming. We have always tried to handle our garden time as beneficial as possible, by which we mean; getting as much as possible back from the time we spend in our park. But this year, we will focus even more on this. For example, with the smart implant of green strips, we try to repulse the weeding seeds (which will go everywhere because of the wind). With natural paths, we make the workability much easier. We choose more and more plants which bloom longer, stay solid and are barely sensitive for diseases and fevers. We think ‘the right plant on the right place’ is becoming our motto. With the special ‘Tuingemak dagen’ (translated as Garden Comfort Days), we update everyone and show the updates applied to our own gardens, which is the job of our garden team. Gardening feels like a party, which needs to be celebrated every spring. We hope to let the young gardeners experience this, in a playful way.

6905012094 Tuin 138.jpg
De Tuinen van Appeltern 2016 (30).jpg
April 4 Workshop: Decorating
April 11 Course: Design your own garden
April 13 Easter egg hunt
April 24 and 25 The Garden beginning days
Calendar - The garden of Appeltern


Theme: Your garden world
It is all up to you what your ‘outside’ looks like and how much privacy you want. We are in the middle of spring and now, you can really start enjoying. The weather is becoming appropriate to eat outside of even get a tan. From your living room but also from your terrace chair, your garden has to project all the imaginable warmth and colour. The Gardens of Appeltern exist to inspire you for both designing your garden and arranging your garden. In this period, you can immediately feel and experience what plants, hedges and trees can do with you. Our park is totally in the spring mood.
You can compare our gardens with a big furniture showroom, in which you get a feeling for depth and intimacy while you are sitting and walking. Privacy is for most of the garden owners essential when it comes to the ‘enjoy factor’. So, in Appeltern we spend a lot attention to this. Hundreds of different shaped garden partitions and dozens of easy constructions, prevent noise pollution and people looking into your garden. It is all up to you. First, which arrangement you choose and next, how private you want to make it.

May 9 Course: Design your own garden
May 15 and 16 The garden beginning days
May 31 and June 1 Pentecost, the park is open!


Theme: Plants and more
A frequently asked question is: ‘What is the best time to visit The Gardens of Appeltern?’ Well, after our regular answer ‘When the sun shines!’ we need to admit that June is the most favourite month when our visitors get to decide. Currently, the green is very fresh and lots of plants are blooming. Everyone now knows that the plantation is the most essential part of your garden. Without plants which make you happy, you just do not have a garden. At least two-third of your garden surface, needs to be filled with those plants. The plantation kingdom in The Gardens of Appeltern, might even be the biggest of Europe. Nowhere in the world you can find this kind of diversity and so much applied examples, as in our 200 example gardens. It is not only the time of the year, but also the very extended offer, what makes the visitors love coming here. And there is more.
However the plantation is the most important part of your garden, we show you (in this colourful period) more things which can make you happy. For example, your own personal element. But also humoristic constructions and art. An inspiration or enjoy walk through ‘Appeltern’ in June, becomes a party for all of your senses.

June 27 - Course Design your own garden
June 19 and 20 The Garden beginning days
6908011218 Tuin 120.jpg


Theme: Long live the flowers
Flowers enrich your life and make your day. Everyone loves flowers and according to the commercial slogans, they love us too. At the moment, most of the borders are blooming completely in The Gardens of Appeltern. We do not only talk about the small borders in the more than 200 inspirational gardens, but also about the WoW-borders in the ‘Nationale Vaste planten Tuin’, the field borders in the ‘Wilde Weelde Wereld’ and the theme borders from Modeste Herwig and Karin van der Hoven (in their domain ‘Schilderen met Planten’). If you love flowers and you want to smell and see them, you really have to go to Appeltern. All names of the flowers are mentioned accurately with a picture per border and are ranged in order on our website. That is pretty easy when you want to purchase your favourite sorts. Besides that, we have lots of summer bloomers for sale at our big plants market. Long live the flowers… it is a party you cannot miss.

July 4 Pound course: Crystal clear pond with less work
July 18 Course: Design your own garden
July 31 & August 1 The Garden beginning days


Theme: Summer feeling
We are in the middle of the holiday time. In this period, Appeltern is busy, but cosy. Everyone is in a vacation mood and is enjoying their live. There is no need to host lots of extras these weeks. Our gardens are very full, mostly filled with tons of flowers and leaves. Everywhere, you bump into view and enjoy spots. All of our restaurants and terraces are open, everywhere is bustle. But even in this bustle, every visitor can experience the calmness and modesty of our park.
‘Summer feeling’ is not an easy term to describe. But we think we know the description: the feeling you get when you visit us in August. We want you to enjoy carelessly. It is holiday time. We do not bother you. If you have questions, we are happy to help you. Our garden team employees like to tell you how they maintain the gardens with as few efforts as possible. They do not mind telling you their time saving tips and tricks. Every weekend, our Appeltern Gardenexperts are available in the Tuinadviescentrum (translated as: Garden Advice Centre) if you want to talk about your own garden.

August 15 Course: Design your own garden


Theme: Soft sunbeams
Every time, our summers are different. Despite average temperature improvements the last couple of years, September seems to be defined as pleasant. The sun is shining, without being extremely hot. This weather fits us, ‘Dutchies’, better; we just feel us nicer. In September, we embrace our gardens again and we find it a pity that it become dark much earlier. So, it is going to be a combination of ‘doing’ and ‘letting go’. Enjoy the time when the sunbeams warm you up, but also get to work when it comes to giving your garden some extra power. It is so nice to cut leaf, so that the grapes get enough sun. When you apply an extra bit of dung if it is going to rain, your lawn colours green in no-time. Because of this combination, September is a candidate to be the most beautiful month of the year. September is our reason to host a lot of workshops, tours and lectures.
Besides that, we take the time to enjoy. Maybe with a little help from a roof, a garden firebox or from behind a windbreak. This month, Appeltern has everything for ‘doing’ and ‘letting go’. We also make some time to celebrate THE parties of the year: Day at the Garden and Mystery Gardens in Lights.

September 5 Course: Design your own garden
September 18 and 19 The Garden beginning days
DTVA September 2015 (127).jpg

Oktober and November

Theme: PUUR (Pure) Appeltern
In 2018, we decided that it was time for something new, something different.
For a long time, we cherished the wish to close later in the year and show the visitors how beautiful a garden can be in this time of the year. For a long time, we were scared to do it, because we did not have enough to offer you. But we also thought that we could not compare with the Christmas shows at local garden centres and the Christmas fairs from local castles. After we built ‘Onze Entree (translated as: Our Entrance)’, new opportunities appeared. We had enough indoor space and because of our own theme ‘PUUR’, we no longer feared the competition. The first year, we got so many positive reactions and a good feeling, which we want to develop even more in the following years. PUUR Appeltern is a lovely way to involve people in gardening and let them see that so many things from outside, can also be used inside.


The fall is a delightful garden season. On the one hand, we harvest the crop of last year and on the other hand, we can get to work for next year. With all the media attention gardening gets in the spring, people forget that it is able to work in their garden in the fall. Fortunately, we have seen some change the last couple of years. More and more gardeners take get to work in their garden.We, in Appeltern, are happy to see this, because you should really embrace your garden the whole year. Moreover, it is very nice outside if you dress appropriately and when it is not raining too much. October, you can call it ‘the month of the gardener’. In Appeltern, we can show you what that looks like. We harvest, we enjoy the fall colours and we are busy with our plants and plans the whole day.

Starting from the 5th of October – Fruit flavor and autumn color
October 17 Course: Design your own garden
October 24 and 25 Garden advice days – free sketch advice and demonstrations
November 7 Course: Design your own garden
November 20 and 21 The Garden beginning days
November 21 and 22 Workshop: Making winter decorations
November 28 Workshop: Pruning